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Red cheetah
June 7, 2011


Cuckoo Birds and I

Roses are red, violets are blue...

Orange is a hot summer day

Follow the gray brick road

On Mirror Mountain, the place of encounters

Billy Jean is not my lover!

Zig zigs and Bones

Zebra Love

Roll and Tie Ur Navy Neckerchief

Bed of Flowers

We're in the half light, none of us can tell.

Topps Tiles Blues

Black Eagle

Crimson in red

I got stripes, Stripes around my shoulders.

Super Magnolia

Satellite Heart

Autumn Leaves

Bloodbuzz Ohio

Flower Jungle

Paint it Black!

Over the hills and far away

Strawberry Fields Forever

Unsolved Mysteries

Juggling Fish

Castles in the air

If ur going to SF, be sure to wear some flower in ur hair!

Black Beach

Snake bitten...

Paint with the colors of the wind

Strange Nostalgia for the Future

Dancing Cheetah come before my Forest

Match Point.

Inspector Wolfy Mousy

Ready to Start

Soaking up the sun

Velvet Roses

Dresden Dolls

The Blues are still Blue

Black Hole Sun


She's hearing voices...

Running with horses

Love over Silver

Vanilla Sky

Twisting by the Pool

Black Stars and Blue Stripes

In Love with a Feeling

Merry Go Round

The Golden Hour

Golden Army

The Last Gunfighter Ballad

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Blue Shades

Once Apon A Time In The West

A Groovy Kind of Love

Jailhouse Rock

The Crystal Ship

Good Luck Charm

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