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Lookbook / The series.

         Episode 1: Look Closer.

         Hannah arrives in Los Angeles and immediately bonds with Mark, a charming street
fashion photographer. Little do they know, Mark's ex-muse Cleo, the manipulative
and ruthless "queen" of fashion blogging, is trying to win him back.

         About the Series.

         LOOKBOOK: The Series explores the creative and intimate relationship between a
fashion blogger and her photographer using a dramatic urban fairytale told through
the canvas of LOOKBOOK.nu and the L.A. fashion scene..

         Episode 2: Taking Steps.

         Riding high on the hypes her first shoot received, Hannah hits up Mark for a second
         As those photos begin to rack up an impressive number of hypes, Mark’s manipulative
         ex-muse Cleo begins to figure out what is "distracting" him.

         Episode 3: Shrouded Path.

         At Mark’s urging, Hannah attends her first blogger party and gets a taste for all
         the perks that can come along with being the new “it girl”. When Cleo invites her
         to do lunch sometime, Hannah is in heaven. But why can nobody know about it?.
         Are Cleo’s motives really pure of heart?.

         Episode 4: Boardwalk.

         Hannah’s brother Tony is beginning to become curious about why she never seems to
         be at school. And where are all these nice clothes and accessories coming from? 
         Later at a private luncheon with blog queen Cleo, Hannah is introduced to a special
         “supplement” that will supposedly help her to keep her body shape...

         Episode 5: Fashion Blog.

         At the urging of Cleo, Hannah decides to go against type and incorporate a little
         elegance into her next shoot. Things get tense with Mark when Hannah suddenly decides
         to take a stronger hand with how she is shot. She is “the star” after all. Back at
         home, Hannah continues her regimen of “supplements” to keep her slim body shape, but
         her brother Tony can tell that something is not right.

         Episode 6: Roof Top.

         After falling out with Mark over their last shoot, Hannah is in need of a new
         photographer. Lucky for her Cleo knows just the right guy to shoot her next look.
         But Julius’ methods are a bit unorthodox. When he tries to kiss her while they are
         editing photos, Hannah bites his lip and she starts to freak out. Thankfully Cleo
         has some juice to help calm her down... with extra pulp.

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