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Keiko Lynn / Retro Style 2012.

Coming through the haze...

Over and over.

The scent of roses and raspberry leaves.

Sole society.

Fuchsia flash.

All smiles.


Cheap Thrills.

Call me, maybe.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.

Rock ballad.

Weekend Wear: How Very!

Feels Like Spring.

Ramblin' Rose.

Good morning, starshine.


To the beat of home, sweet home.

Eat your heart out.

Steady favorites.

And what horses we rode through what somber fields.


Reinvent Yourself / Nicoleta Buru 2012.

Chi Chi

Fuchsia Butterfly


Tourist Trophy

Crochet blouse

Starting my journey

Sicilian Flowers

The End of The World

Yellow Mellow Country Glam


My outfit at Fermano Fashion

Statement Necklace

Hight Low

Pleat Dress

Open Back dress and Lips Necklace

Walking in the city

Chip & Chic


Yoko Yoko

Candy Delight

Infinitely Blue

Wind Whisper

Lost in Rio


Vintage Vibe

Black White Cat

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