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Frida Kahlo.

Without Hope The Water Gave Me
Sun And Life The two Fridas The Suicide of Dorothy Hale The Love Embrace of the Universe
The Dream Thinking of Death
The Broken Column Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair Self-Portrait with Braid The Chick
Self-Portrait Dedicated to
Sigmund Fireston Self-Portrait Dedicated to
Leon Trotsky
Self-Portrait Dedicated to
Dr. Eloesser Self Portrait With Loose Hair
Portrait on the Border between
Mexico and the United States Portrait to my Father
My Dress hangs there New York My Birth
Moses Roots (The Pedregal) Long Live Life Henry Ford Hospital
Fruits of the Heart Frida's diary 1953
Four Inhabitants of Mexico City A Few small Nips Self-Portrait with Necklace of Thorns Frida and Diego Rivera

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